Executive Escape

Whilst some of the apartments do need upgrading they are still very serviceable to the budget sensitive traveller.

The business man or woman, who is on a posting of weeks or months, is demanding more than the hotel room can deliver. A hotel room is particularly inadequate for receiving and dealing with business clients. Today's executive is not interested in entertaining their clients in a hotel bedroom. Serviced apartments give space back to their guests, with spacious living areas providing a comfortable, yet functional area in which business can be conducted.

Argyle gives space to:

  • Relax
  • Meet
  • Rest
  • Work
  • Entertain

All for the cost of a single hotel room.

Apartment style living provides independence and privacy. Guests can prepare their own food in a fully-equipped kitchen or take a pleasant five-minute walk through Glebe Park to the many cosmopolitan restaurants located in the City area. Similarly, the laundry facilities in each apartment take away the uncomfortable feeling of living out of a suitcase. Argyle Executive Apartments frees one from the hassles of living away from home.

For the business executive, situation is the key issue when arranging accommodation and to be located a pleasant five minute walk from the business centre of the city wipes out the expense of taxi fares.

For tranquillity and peace, escape to Argyle Executive Apartments.

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